Kickboxing: A Workout for the Confident Woman

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Kickboxing: A Workout for the Confident Woman

Kickboxing has numerous benefits for anyone taking a class, male or female. However, there is a real niche for women taking these classes to relieve stress and build confidence at the same time. طريقة لعبة الشيش Here are a few great reasons why you should sign up for a class today!

Lose fat, quickly!

Kickboxing takes elements of martial arts and creates a great cardio workout for women that can help shed fat quickly. This high energy workout allows you to burn up to 750 calories in an hour. Specifically for women, kickboxing can be a great option to help lose stubbor belly fat with its combination of martial arts movement and high energy conditioning. لعبة دومينو للمحترفين اون لاين


Much like rockclimbing, kickboxing utilizes your entire body from your head to toe. This is great for women looking to get a high calorie burining work out that will help with arm, leg and stomach definition!

The “Self” Concept

Kickboxing isn’t only great for the physical body, but great for the internal self as well. The moves you learn from these classes help build SELF confidence and also provide you with valuable SELF defense mechanisms. 365 bet

Combine all of these great reasons for taking a kickboxing class at Maspeth Kickboxing and just imagine how great you’ll look and feel knowing that you can kick some but and look good while doing so! sign up for a class at maspeth kickboxing today by calling our office at 718-255-1993