5 Summer Activities to Keep the Kids Active!

5 Summer Activities to Keep the Kids Active!

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5 Summer Activities to Keep the Kids Active!

School’s out! But it’s only a matter of time before all that free time creates a problem for parents. At Maspeth Martial Arts, we’ve put together a great guide to combat summer boredom!

Maspeth Martial Arts Classes

Not only are the classes at Maspeth Martial Arts fun, they are engaging! Maspeth Martial Arts is a perfect outlet for high energy kids, utilizing Martial Arts techniques while teaching breath control, speed and agility. Checkout our current website at www.maspethmartialarts.com.

Learn to Cook!

At Maspeth Martial Arts, we place a high priortiy on a good diet. What better time to learn the basic principles of the kitchen than during the summer. Kids Cooking Activities offers some great recipes to learn for kids new to the kitchen. A great family activity!

Master the Jump-Rope

While the jump rope may seem like a toy, its actually a great calorie burning work out tool that many under-utilize. Here are some great jump rope tricks you can practice at home! مسابقات للربح مجانا Try to jump rope for 1 minute without rest or try to jumb rope on one leg. روليت فرنسي

Go Biking

While out of school for the summer, biking will not only help you stay fit and get rid of energy, but it will keep you moving. Biking is very relaxing and it help you stay active during the summer. موقع كونكر

Explore the Neighborhood (as a family)

Chances are there are places within 5 blocks that you’ve always wanted to check out or restaurants that you’ve always wanted to try. What better chance to discover new activities than during a summer break! Here are some fun spots to check out around Maspeth Martial Arts:

Queens Library (http://www.queenslibrary.org/)

Rosa’s Pizza (https://foursquare.com/v/rosas-pizza/4add1b9af964a520196421e3)

Frontera Park (http://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/frontera-park/)