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Maspeth Kickboxing’s popular and intense Kickboxing class provides benefits for the body and mind in a variety of ways. Here are 10 very important benefits our member experience from this class.
1. Most people are aware of how kickboxing tones the body. herding dog gene reaction to ivermectin Kicking and jumping are fantastic for firming legs and butts. how much ivermectin to give a rabbit Controlled punches help tone flabby arms. Punching and kicking will strengthen cores, and added crunches and side bends will increase the benefits to your abs and back muscles.
2. Weight loss is another well-known benefit of kickboxing. A one-hour session can burn as many as 500-800 calories. In addition, kickboxing helps build muscle mass, and muscle burns more calories than fat, even during sleep! A big plus is that kickboxing helps burn stubborn belly flab. And the best thing is, by increasing your metabolism, you not only lose weight, but you lose it fast.
3.The roots of kickboxing come from the martial arts, and herein lies yet another benefit. Two thousand years ago Muay Thai kickboxing originated as a self-defense discipline. Today’s kickboxing, combining elements of karate and boxing, still teaches valuable self-defense moves. billigt ivermec So while you’re getting fit, you’re also learning to protect yourself.
4. Kickboxing routines are intense. As they raise heart rates, they produce a very effective aerobic workout. Even a beginning kickboxing workout will quickly increase cardiovascular fitness. Set to music, and using enjoyable kicking and punching moves, kickboxers gain fitness without spending boring, endless hours on a treadmill or stationary bike.
5. People are often surprised to learn that flexibility is a benefit of kickboxing. The running and free kicks help develop flexibility. In addition most classes offer stretching during the warm-up or cool down period. Hamstring, abductor, and “rotating stomach” stretches are often included. Stretching not only promotes flexibility but helps prevent injury.
6. The benefits are not strictly physical. Kickboxing is a great stress reliever. Although cardiovascular exercise will in itself help relieve stress, kickboxing adds an additional component. The act of kicking and punching allows participants to work out their anger and frustration. And the endorphins released during the routine help kickboxers to feel happy and relaxed.
7. Kickboxing increases coordination. The kicking and punching moves improve both balance and coordination (standing on one leg while kicking hard with the other is no easy feat). The kickboxing workout sharpens reflexes. Hand-eye coordination is also improved when punching the speed bag.
8. Strength is another benefit of kickboxing. Kickboxing promotes lean muscle growth, not the “muscle bound,” inflexible kind of strength often seen on body builders. That kind of overdeveloped muscle will actually get in the way of good punches and kicks. Bag work strengthens all the muscles used in punching and kicking.
9. Feeling confident and sexy is a wonderful benefit of kickboxing. Having a lean, fit body makes you feel attractive to the opposite sex. Knowing that you have control over that body and can protect yourself with your kickboxing skills builds confidence. Plus the “feel good” factor that comes after intense exercise just makes everything better!
10. Kickboxing dramatically increases your power. Building up the back muscles provides power for elbow strikes. By strengthening the quads and hip abductors, power is created for explosive kicks. And the overall combination of strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance creates a powerful, fit athlete.
With all these benefits to kickboxing, what are you waiting for? Why not try a class and see for yourself now?