3 Martial Arts Moves You Must Know

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3 Martial Arts Moves You Must Know

When thinking of Martial Arts – a lot of people assume that the practice is just a bunch of kicks and punches. Moves can vary from a wide variety of “empty hand” techniques, weapon techniques and even “softer” techniques including, breathing, tai chi or meditation. العاب سبين Below are 3 additional moves to use within Martial Arts Practices. أجويرو A good martial arts program will incorporate all these three types of moves.

*please note that this is for general interest and reading. None of these should be practiced unless at a Maspeth Martial Arts class.

Joint Locks are one of the 3 Martial Arts Moves You must know

The goal of these moves is to manipulate wrists, elbows, knees or other joints beyond their normal ranges of motion. These are highly dangerous moves and should only be practiced by the most advanced practitioners. كاشيو

Chokes are one of the 3 Martial Arts Moves You must know

Choke holds are grappling techniques applied to an opponent’s neck. These are commonly used in combative sports and law enforcement and again, should never be used unless you’ve taken high level martial arts classes.

Takedowns are one of the 3 Martial Arts Moves You must know

Throws or Takedowns are commonly used techniques to disarm an opponent and bring them to the ground.

Regardless of the martial arts one practices, the instructors should be teaching practitioners and students these three types of moves so that the students become well rounded.